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We invite you to a wonderful tri👍 Trip to “Ikh Blacksmith’s Land of Govi, Zone A”. We invite you to a wonderful trip this autumn.
👉Duration of trip: October 16-25, 8 nights 9
day trip👉Travel attractions
✅ Great Bogd mountain
✅ Turquoise lake
✅ Mother river
✅ Segs Tsagaan Bogd mountain
✅ White door
✅ A hundred trees
✅ Green skin
✅ Yellow bamboo oasis
✅ White willow
✅ White elbow
✅ Bulk white lake
✅ Rare animals of Ikhgobi, Hulan, Argal, ibex,
flat, boring
👉 Travel price: 750,000 tok
👉 Travel details: 8 nights and 9 days of travel transportation, food and drink, permits, etc

A place to spend the night is included.
👉 Preparation for travelers: Tent, mishok, mattress, chairs and clothes according to the weather utensils, solar lamps, hot water bottles, water drinks, sweets, props, and other personal preparationsp this autumn.


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