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🚩The price of the trip includes: 6 nights and 7 days of food and drinks, transportation, camping, horse expenses, and PA entry permits.
🚩Vehicle: Purgon car 2, Horse
🚩Number of travelers: 16
🚩Currently 9 people registered
🚩Morior 4-5 hours each way to the Western Taiga
It will take 8-9 hours to come and go to the Western Taiga
1 night in the garden
🚩General itinerary:
Ulaanbaatar – Bulgan Province – Uran Togo Mountain – Khuvsgul Province Khatgal Jankhain Pass – Khuvsgul Dalaya – Ulaan Uul Sum – Khogi River – Western Taiga – Ulaan Uul Sum – Ar Uzhet Gorge – Murun City – Bulgan Province – Ulaanbaatar City
🚩Places to stay during the trip:
1. Unt Bag Camp, Bulgan Province
2. Khuvsgul Dalai camp
3. Ulaan uul sum station
4. In the western taiga
5. Ulaan uul sum station
6. Muren city station
7. Bulgan camp
🚩Preparation for travelers: Ayan mishok, warm clothes, cups and spoons, Ayan mattress, snacks, drinks, water and other necessary personal preparations


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